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I am currently working as Subject Lead in Design Technology at a senior school. I graduated from the Norwich University College of the Arts with a 1st Class BA Honors Degree in Textiles. With regards to my own practice, I feel that I have grown in to my own style of working. I use a lot of mixed media in my work; this includes C.A.D embroidery, laser cutting and weaving. I have been using a lot of real fur and leather for heavy textured work. I thrive on innovation, which is a good representative of my knowledge of colour and fabric structure. I have a passion for pushing the boundaries of current textile practice. My intelligent use of smart materials structures the developmental work through my designing helps to accomplish my ideas. Throughout my education I have always strived to make an impact with my practical work, this has helped to become more aware of the industry and that I can now engage in a sustained and focused period of creative work successfully.